October 6, 2009

Moving on...

After spending three enriching years with NBC Universal, I've decided to move on to pursue other opportunities externally.

It has been an amazing ride. I was brought in by the NBCU management in Aug 06 to "instill digital DNA into this traditional media firm that was looking to transform itself in the digital world." Yes, those were the exact words during my interview. Looking back, I'd say that we did move the needle in the digital direction over the past three years.

I'd admit, the ride was not always a smooth one, and I did have my share of challenges working within a big media firm and introducing change. Change is hard, especially when the future is uncertain, and you're constantly countering the fear that the new direction may cannibalize existing, more profitable, though shrinking revenue streams & business models.

But then these are turbulent times for the media industry as digital re-defines almost all existing norms, and users change their behaviors in probably the most dramatic fashion ever. I feel the bumps provided invaluable learning experiences for me and everyone involved at NBCU.

Ref: my next role, I've been exploring several options but have not yet made a decision. It'd be an entrepreneurial opportunity in all likelihood. I'll be taking some time off to travel and speak at a few conferences (Digital Hollywood and Monaco Media Forum).

That brings me to another, more exciting announcement on personal front. We're expecting our first child. We've been married for nine years, and decided to finally take the plunge.

So, exciting times for me on both personal and professional front!

Stay tuned.


saurabh said...

It'd be interesting to get your opinion on a 'paid digital media' store we're building. a brief post http://phonethics.in/saurabh/index.php/2009/08/29/case-1-for-paid-content/ outlines why we believe consumers will pay for the right kind of digital media.
do visit our site and if you find the idea/s interesting i'd love to share more with you on the media store that we're building

Anonymous said...

All the best Sab...going entrepreneur is the only way left for anyone in the Indian digital industry who really understands the medium and is not happy leading a life of servility in large media houses.

Arul said...

Exciting news about your impending addition. Congratulations!

Arul said...

Exciting news about the impending addition. Congratulations!

charvey said...

Congrats Sab! Change is good, and exciting. It will be fun to land at a smaller company where you spend more time moving the business forward and less time fighting bureaucracy and internal interest groups.

And congrats on the little Sab on the way!