February 8, 2009

Traveling over the next three weeks

I'll be out of the office for the next three weeks. Next week I'm in an offsite training in Crotonville, NY (Leadership, Innovation & Growth course) - the kind 30 Rock made fun of in one of its recent shows. The Crotonville Education Center is GE's famed training facility in a secluded region on the Hudson river (an hour north of New York city) where GE (owns 80% of NBC Universal) routinely gathers its managers from across its $180Bn portfolio of global businesses. Business school professors are invited to update managers on the business frameworks and trends from their latest academic research. Another goal is to provide a forum to managers from diverse businesses to share their best practices and identify synergistic opportunities.

I leave for India over the weekend immediately after the training ends. I'll be in Mumbai/Bombay for the first half of the week of Feb 16, and in Delhi for the rest of the month. In Mumbai I'll be speaking at FRAMES, the biggest conference on the buisness of entertainment in Asia. It's my first time at FRAMES, so I'm looking forward to it. Around 3,000 industry leaders from around the world are expected to attend. It'll be interesting to get a pulse of Asia's media & entertainment market, especially understanding the impact of the ongoing global recession on the industry.

I'm expected to be back in New York on March 1st. I'll blog about my experience upon my return.