January 20, 2009

Barack Obama's Inauguration day

Today President-elect Barack Obama will take oath to the Office and become the 44th President of the Unites States of America. It is a special day, not just for Americans but for people all around the world.

I read this quote somewhere: "Rosa Parks sat down (on the bus seat) so that Dr. Martin Luther King can walk. Dr. King walked so that Barack Obama can run. Obama ran so that America can fly."

Obama takes Office with unprecedented weight of expectations from people hoping for tremendous change. As mentioned above, this hope is not limited to within America. Since Obama's presidential election victory on November 4th, my wife and I have traveled to Italy and Brazil over the past two months. Every where we went, people inquired about Barack Obama and his victory the moment they discovered we were Americans. The sheer joy and hope they openly conveyed about Obama becoming the next U.S. President were truly remarkable.

I just hope American people will show patience to see the results - it seems some are expecting miracles to start happening within 100 hours after Obama takes Office, leave aside 100 days.

Given today is a working day, we may see big numbers for online streaming from people at work who want to participate in the Inauguration ceremony in Washington D.C. where up to two million people are expected to congregate from all over the world. Here are several online options for you, as aggregated by GigaOm.

I'll be taking time out between meetings to watch the coverage. You may also want to catch some of the moments of this truly historic day.

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