November 2, 2008

SNL continues to deliver - John McCain & Sarah Palin (Fey)

It's safe to say that the U.S. Presidential election campaign has been the biggest reality show on the TV over the past few months. All three Presidential debates, the sole Vice Presidential debate, Senator Barack Obama's 30-min, prime-time TV commercial this past Wednesday, and candidates' appearances, interviews and sketches during various talk shows have all achieved unprecedented ratings bonanza compared to those from previous elections. These shows have also beaten ratings of regular entertainment TV programming during the same time slots.

No other show in my opinion has benefited more than the Saturday Night Live, a cultural & comedy icon whose ratings otherwise have been on the decline for past several years. Presidential elections, a new breed of talented writers, and Tina Fey have catapulted SNL to a point where it has a perfect opportunity to regain its lost glory in a sustainable manner well beyond the elections. Tina Fey's SNL sketches mimicking Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican Vice Presidential nominee, have been instant hits on the Internet almost every single weekend.

Below is the sketch from yesterday's SNL. It's hilarious. I wish Senator John McCain looked this relaxed during his entire campaign.

Here are my few other favorite election-themed SNL clips.

Gov. Palin and Senator Clinton address the nation:

Gov. Palin and Katie Couric get real and adorable:

Governor Palin pays a visit to SNL:

President Bush endorses McCain and Palin:

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