August 28, 2007

Facebook is learning fast

In one of my earlier posts, I had proposed that Facebook should use actual user engagement as a success metric for its applications as opposed to the metric that only captures total number of users who've added the application (and may not be using it at all). Facebook decided to do exactly this. Dave Morin from Facebook notified of their policy change on Facebook's Developers blog on Monday:

This week you'll see us shift our application directory metrics to a focus on user engagement. This will help inform users as they make decisions on which applications to add as well as shift developer focus to engagement rather than total users. More specifics will be available as we roll out these changes this coming week.
Recently, Facebook made two other changes to its Platform in order to prevent questionable tactics used by application developers to promote their applications. Developers will not be allowed to show a different profile to a user's friends than the one the user sees himself. Developers will also be blocked from sending misleading notifications to users in order to promote viral spread of their applications.

It's heartening to see Facebook is learning fast and making quick changes to ensure its evolving Platform continues to provide great experience for both its users and developers.

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newmediajim said...

I think it will be interesting to see how big media companies develop Facebook applications. Clearly there is opportunity here.