January 21, 2007

Jeremy Piven & Smokin' Aces

I'm a big fan of Jeremy Piven. Saw my first live SNL at the NBC studios yesterday. Jeremy, as the host, was brilliant. Musical guest AFI also performed couple of my favorite numbers.

Smokin' Aces, Piven's latest movie and probably his biggest till date, is releasing in a week. Seems to be a clever new twist to an old story, done Tarantino-style with some big name cast. Writer/Director Joe Carnahan is my new hero. He's posted the original movie script he submitted to Universal on his blog.

..."The script I submitted to Universal, which really represents the version they greenlit. Lot of changes in the final film, including the ending (although we did shoot the scripted ending, it goes to that wonderful orphanage known as the DVD deleted scenes section, to be claimed by its loving parent later) and other misc twists and turns."

Movie trailer below:

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